Something colonial: Can Zionism be fixed? by Dr. Ramzy Baroud

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Just recently, Ecuadorian envoy to the United Nations, Horacio Sevilla was adamant in his comments before a UN session, marking November 29 as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.  After he rejected “with all our strength the persecution and genocide [unleashed by] Nazism against the Hebrew people,” he added, “But I cannot remember anything more similar in our contemporary history than the eviction, persecution and genocide that today imperialism and Zionism do against the Palestinian people”. Sevilla was not comparing ideologies per se – Zionism vs. Nazism – but rather the practical implications of these political ideologies: Eviction (as in ethnic cleansing), persecution and genocide.

… The Ecuadorian diplomat’s comparison is not new, but is an echo of a constant stream of criticism of Israel, its military practices and its political ideology, namely Zionism. Yet in most, if not all, of these instances, there is yet to be an open, intelligent discussion, involving Israeli itself, regarding the applicability of such comparisons.

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