Nigeria: Thousands gather in solidarity with Palestine by Rafiu Ajakaye

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Tens of thousands of mostly Muslim Nigerians gathered Monday to commemorate the Al-Aqsa Day, with calls on the United Nations to ensure that resolutions to ensure justice for Palestinians are implemented. Organized by Muslim Awareness International (MAI), a prominent civic group, Al-Aqsa Day is commemorated in Nigeria on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabiul Awwal to show solidarity with the Palestinian people… Adelaja Odukoya, an activist who teaches comparative politics at the country’s University of Lagos, said the injustices against Palestinians persist because of the complicity of the global powers.

“The UN was founded on the slogan of self-determination, but that slogan has remained empty in regard to the Palestinian crisis. What is playing out in the crisis is the hegemony of the U.S as reflected in the non-implementation of several UN resolutions, especially resolution 242 and others,” Odukoya said. “Israeli policies in Palestine amount to genocide because the livelihood of the Palestinian is left at the mercy of Israel…”

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