Condemning Israeli ‘War Crimes,’ Taxpayers Call to Shut Off Aid by Brian Eakin

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U.S. taxpayers have brought a federal complaint to halt U.S. aid of Israel, saying the money is being used to fund war crimes in the Palestinian territories. “We’re trying to cut off aid to Israel based on its human-rights record,” attorney Martin McMahon said in an interview.

As laid out in McMahon’s Nov. 16 complaint, the U.S. Departments of Treasury, State and Defense have helped facilitate a “master plan” to permanently colonize Palestinian land and “de-nationalize” the Palestinian people…

… By committing crimes against humanity, genocide and denationalizing the civilian population, Israel has rendered the permanent annexation of the West Bank a “fait accompli,” according to the 69-page complaint. American taxpayers have been funding these operations for the past 30 years, the complaint alleges.

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