An open letter from human rights defenders to Mr. Adama Dieng, concerning participation in the INoGS 2016 annual conference on BADIL

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Mr Dieng,

We, the 28 undersigned organizations, call upon you – in your capacity as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide –  to withdraw your participation from the annual conference of the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS), scheduled to take place June 26-29 2016, at the Hebrew University in occupied East Jerusalem.

… Palestinian and international human rights organizations are currently in the process of presenting evidence of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court, including compelling evidence of international crimes with close associations to genocide, such as murder, forcible transfer and persecution. These efforts have been met with threats and harassment from governmental and non-governmental actors.

For the above reasons, both the location of the INoGS conference and its attendance are incompatible with your mandate, which strives to protect populations from the worst international crimes. We, the undersigned, therefore reiterate our call for you to act out of principle and in accordance with the spirit of your mandate, and withold your participation in the conference until such a time that the event is relocated to another country. Failure to do so would represent tacit acceptance of Israeli-perpetrated grave breaches of international law, and severely undermine the legitimacy of the mandate.

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