Apartheid is not enough by Yonatan Goldshtein

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Google translation from Danish:

When the conversation falls on Israel and Palestine, it is no longer enough to talk about apartheid. Although apartheid is a crime against humanity, but the situation here is worse. We have to start talking about genocide, and the world must wake up and do something. History has already repeated itself enough in Palestine.

Nowhere is this as evident as in Hebron, when you walk through the city streets. Shuhada Street was once the city’s fruit and vegetable market that bubbled with life. In the last fifteen years, the street has been closed to the Palestinians. The stores’ owners were denied access, the doors welded and more places have Jewish settlers painted Stars of David on the doors.

The image of the city speaks for itself. Shop owners are evicted because of their ethnicity, the shops closed and, as mentioned, Stars of David painted on the doors. The difference between Hebron and 1930s Europe is just that here it is not Jews who are displaced, but Jews who dispels. We need not go far to see the graffiti with a call to “Gas the Arabs”, which is painted on several Palestinian houses in the area.

Dictionary definition of ‘apartheid’ is economic, legal and geographical separation of people based on race. We have walls and checkpoints that separates where people can go and not go, based on who they are. If a Palestinian violates one of the many lines, the person shot. Jewish Israelis on the other hand, goes every Saturday for a walk in the Palestinian areas of the city, surrounded by an army of soldiers. People are under different legal systems. Palestinians are subject to the military judicial system, and Israeli civil court system. This has the effect that crimes against Palestinians perpetrated by Israeli impunity and crimes or suspected crimes against Israelis usually punishable by death or imprisonment without trial (there is no death penalty in Israel, but the country makes use of extrajudicial executions in style , ed.).

Under international law the apartheid a crime against humanity.
But we are long past the stage where apartheid is sufficient to describe what happens here; whether as a historical analogy to the regime in South Africa or in its definition in international law. We will have to begin to discuss whether it is genocide.

What is genocide?
But what is truly ‘genocide’? There are several definitions of genocide, as discussed by historians and social scientists. How many should be killed and under what conditions? But genocide is defined quite clearly in international law. It takes two conditions in order to be able to talk about a genocide: violent act against a people and the intention to destroy a population in part or in its entirety.

The violent acts covered by the Genocide Convention are: killing members of a group, infliction of physical or mental harm to members of a group, conscious application of unbearable living conditions or the prevention of group reproduction. There must be both intention and action.

Under international law the following acts criminal offenses: genocide, or scheduling, attempt, solicitation, or complicity in genocide.

One need not go to Gaza to see this happen. We remember this well from last year when Israel’s attack on Gaza killed more than 2,000 Palestinians dead and elected representatives in Israel called for the killing of all Palestinians in Gaza and the UN subsequently declared that Gaza is expected to be uninhabitable in 2020.

No, we only have to walk a few kilometers away from my apartment in Hebron, Dana-family house.

The family house is located between two of Israel’s illegal settlements and the settlers want the house. They have managed to oust several of the family’s neighbors and take their houses. Yesterday assembled over fifty settlers around the house. Settlers threw stones and fire bombs at the house and shot at the house with guns, shouting “Death to the Arabs”. Here both the violent act and the genocidal intention. Israeli soldiers were present in droves and supported the settlers up by bombarding the family house with tear gas and lydgranater. In the night, they gathered in large numbers. I regularly hear the shot away in my apartment.

The world must act soon if we do not want to see the genocide happen again, because it is already well underway.

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