Unbearable conditions for Palestinians by Ulla Jessing

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Google translation from Danish:

“After the small 50-year occupation there is no prospect of change for the Palestinians,” writes Herbert Pundik Politiken.

He points out that no Palestinian under 65 years will have memories of anything other than a life dominated by soldiers at roadblocks and arrests.

Many have spent years in Israeli prisons, often without trial, and many children suffer in prisons.

But after Pundik view there is no prospect of change, therefore spreading knivstikker epidemic from day to day.

The German newspaper Der Spiegel writes on the same subject and think it’s a vicious cycle of radicalization.

Many Israelis carry weapons and go away at Palestinian with knives. And young Israelis walk through the streets, shouting: “Death to the Arabs”. They also set fire to mosques.

After nearly 50 years of occupation and years of political stagnation without genuine peace negotiations, has now created a situation where distrust and hatred and revenge dominate.

Especially in Gaza, the situation is intolerable. The country is in ruins and the population is suffering terribly during the Israeli blockade.

Life has become intolerable for young and old. One can only call the situation genocide.

But what makes the United States and other Western countries that call themselves democracies, in this terrible situation?

Prime Minister Netanyahu can sleep peacefully and continue his menneskefjenske policy because the United States continues to talk about the need to protect Israel.

But if the US and the EU do not soon prevent Israel from continuing its policy of war against Palestine, it is not enough that the Palestinian flag hangs at the United Nations. There must act to stop the occupation.

The Israelis must leave the Palestinian territory. The settlers must leave the land they have stolen from Palestinian farmers.

Otherwise one must expect that the Palestinians are going really crazy.

No people can be suppressed all the time.

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