Israeli settler praised for throwing pork on body of Palestinian by Rania Khalek

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Online incitement by Israelis against Palestinians has skyrocketed in recent weeks, according to a report in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper… a video surfaced showing an Israeli throwing pork at al-Jabari’s body as he lay on a stretcher. As the man dangles the meat before the camera and then drops it on al-Jabari’s face, he shouts, “Here, see this? This is pig meat. Friends, just in case you don’t know it, they really love pig meat. … He should enjoy with his virgins, with the pig meat.”… Anti-Semites, ironically, have used the same logic to attack Jewish symbols and insult Jews. Last May, for instance, pork was left at a Holocaust memorial in Massachusetts…Israeli Internet incitement may be on the rise, but it is hardly a new phenomenon.

What is clear is that the genocidal hatred many Israelis express online does not stay there. It has already spilled into the streets.

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