Renewed threats against Gaza under the guise of Israeli patriotism by Ramona Wadi

Operation Protective Edge, which was also in ways endorsed by the Palestinian Authority through its remarks that ridiculed Palestinian resistance against Israeli aggression, was another attempt at reducing population and territory through massacres and displacement, thus ensuring that while half-hearted attempts by international organisations such as the UNHRC would suggest war crimes as a possibility, Israel would remain safely ensconced, away from the parameters that define genocide within international law’s interpretation.

Additionally, threats against Palestinians in Gaza have once again emanated from former MK Dr Michael Ben-Ari. According to Israel National News, refusal on behalf of Hamas to cooperate in returning the bodies of two complicit soldiers, who Ben-Ari defines as “saints”, Israel should seek retribution.

“If they want to live let them return the bodies of the warriors. There is no reason that we should be ‘responsible’. This is the time to go crazy and to show IDF soldiers and their families that they are the dearest thing to us,” declared Ben-Ari.

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