Opinion: Israel, India & UN vote on The Hindu

India has missed a golden opportunity to be a champion of humanity (“Netanyahu called up Modi on eve of vote”, July 5 and “India keeps away from vote against Israel in U.N.”, July 4). What is happening in Gaza is genocide, where innocent people have been and are being killed with impunity, and with the backing of the West. It may be an open secret that India depends on Israel for its defence preparedness but that does not mean that we should sacrifice our self-esteem and shy away from doing our duty towards humanity. India’s decision is plain shameful.

T. Anand Raj, Chennai

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TAKE ACTION now and write a letter to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and the International Criminal Court Prosecutor. Make sure to post a copy of the letter in our comments as well, so we can publish it.

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