PM Modi Visit To Israel: ‘Sky Is The Limit’ by Seema Mustafa

Reports suggest that India bought $662 million worth of arms from Israel during the first six months after PM Modi came to power, and that experts point out is more than the total value of Israel’s defence exports to India in the last three years… just after Israel started its Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, that drew worldwide condemnation, the Indian Foreign Office issued a statement against the loss of civilian life in Gaza but compensating this with concern over “cross border provocations resulting from rocket attacks” that was the Israeli justification for the attack that was described as ‘genocide’ even in sections of the western media.

The government blocked and rejected a parliamentary resolution moved by the Opposition to condemn the Israeli attack on the Palestinians. In the midst of all this political heat there was PM Modi tweeting Hanukah greetings in Hebrew,and congratulating Netanyahu “my friend Bibi” on his re-election.

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TAKE ACTION now and write a letter to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and the International Criminal Court Prosecutor. Make sure to post a copy of the letter in our comments as well, so we can publish it.

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