The U.N.’s Endorsement Of Israel’s Genocidal Intent by Ramona Wadi

However, despite the accumulating evidence of atrocities and restrictions upon the Palestinian population in Gaza, Israel’s allies, including the U.N., continue to disregard colonial violence and, in particular, restrict the interpretation of genocide to one that encompasses the Holocaust and its guilt industry, in order to prevent a wider interpretation that should also encompass Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1946), genocide is punishable under international law, regardless of the period during which it is committed. Articles II and III of the convention stipulate how genocide is distinguished and which acts should be punishable. These acts include killing, inflicting serious bodily or mental harm, creating conditions to bring about physical destruction, imposing measures to prevent birth — this is evident in the killing of pregnant Palestinian women — the forcible transfer of children between groups, as well as the intent, conspiracy, complicity and attempt to commit genocide.

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