Making Thanksgiving Real: Rejoice in Our Ability to Challenge the Pervasive Injustice in American Society by Rabbi Michael Lerner

The greatest injustice to recall on Thanksgiving is the genocide perpetrated by European settlers against the Native Americans, successfully wiping out most of them over the course of some 200 years of ruthless expropriation of their lands, their means of livelihood and food, and their self-respect. At the Thanksgiving dinner it is particularly appropriate to invoke the memory of those natives, and recommit ourselves to doing all we can to ensure that no other people gets similarly treated. Sadly, the Palestinian people may be facing a similar expropriation as Israeli settler daily expand their settlements on Arab lands.

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TAKE ACTION now and write a letter to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. Make sure to post a copy of the letter in our comments as well, so we can publish it.

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