“Dear Adama Dieng and Jennifer Welsh, Members of the Committee of Prevention Against Genocide: Please have mercy and compassion and stop this slow Genocide on Gaza and Palestinians!”

22 October, 2014

Dear Adama Dieng and Jennifer Welsh, Members of the Committee of Prevention Against Genocide:

We recently watched with horror the 3rd onslaught on Gaza in the last 6 years conducted by Israeli Forces. That means that a child 6 years and older have already lived through 3 wars!! Where in any part of the world is this acceptable before action is taken to prevent and stop the slow Genocide of a Nation? In total, the Palestinians have been living in a brutal Occupation for over 60 years and Gaza living in total Siege since 2005!

I looked up what “Genocide” means and I can tell you that Gaza qualifies hands downs in this instance! There is no doubt in my mind that Israel is performing ethnic cleansing on the Palestinians and if left unchecked will succeed in wiping out the entire Palestinian population.

These are the last Operations that Israel has conducted on Gaza:

Each so called OPERATION that Israel performed killed thousands of Palestinian civilians and over 400 children!! This is insane! This time Israel killed over 448 innocent children and many are still succumbing to their wounds or are blind, handicapped and paralyzed for life! Why are we not stopping this? The next one will be lethal for all Gazans! And I say this with extreme concern for my Gazan friends. Israel dropped over 700 tonnes of explosives on Gaza in 2014 up from 50 tonnes in 2008! Israel also used white phosphorus which is illegal and many outlawed weapons and chemicals in each attack on Gaza! They also left behind over 5 tonnes of unexploded Israeli bombs which Gaza had to detonate which was extremely dangerous and cost many their lives!

Israel attacked and destroyed over 18,000 homes and many are left to face the harsh winter without shelter and warm clothes. Besides many hospital and schools, and their only power plant destroyed– 161 Mosques were reduced to rubble while many were praying inside!!!

All this devastation is causing extreme hardships on the Gazan people with food and water shortages! They will surely die soon if we do not help them!
Palestinian society as a whole, are being persecuted on a daily basis and not only in Gaza. Israel arrest, shoots and imprison Palestinians daily and many as young as 5 years old are imprisoned. Reports of sexual abuse committed against detained Palestinian children are common. Where are the Human and Children Rights Organizations? Have they fallen asleep? Or do they simply not exist for Palestinians! Israeli soldiers do nothing to stop the attacks of armed Settlers on children on their way to school or who fire on civilians. Israeli citizens are constantly chanting “DEATH TO ALL PALESTINIANS!”. An Israeli teacher texted to a student “Good Arabs in Graves!”.

Where does this all End? It doesn’t matter where it began because we know that the Israeli violence came first before any homemade Hamas rockets.(which by the way have only killed 3). Israel was killing Palestinians long before Hamas came on the scene!

This is abominable in my eyes, in the worlds eyes and especially in Gods eyes! What have we become as a society that a people who were once persecuted themselves are committing these unspeakable atrocities and without remorse. What does that say about us as a society that we are allowing this to go on and are doing nothing to stop this?

I can only ask you, what if this was your child? or your mother or family member this was happening to? Would you speak out and find it morally wrong! IT IS IMMORAL!

Palestinians have a right to resist and to defend themselves and their land! Their land is dwindling down to almost nothing as Israel continues to build its illegal settlements all over and try to squeeze the Palestinians out of their very existence! We strongly believe that Israel’s goal is destroy all Muslim and Christian Holy sites and make Israel a Jewish only racist nation.
Please have mercy and compassion and stop this slow Genocide on Gaza and Palestinians!

I pray with all my heart and soul that you will give this matter your utmost attention!

A. Layla Bruckner
Los Angeles, California

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