On the Meaning of Genocide by Norman Finkelstein

Maybe the following will aid in the understanding of how serious this is: The ideas proposed by Shamir have a name in international law. They also have a name in Israeli law. That name is genocide. Not indirectly, not by sophistry, not with the help of disgusting left-wing interpretation, but precisely, explicitly, specifically.

The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which Israel also signed and ratified, defines the term “genocide.”… The UN convention lists among those acts that are considered acts of genocide against an ethnic, national, racial or religious group (or public incitement to do the same) “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group,” in Article 2 (d).

Precedents have been set in the International Criminal Court that imposing limitations on marriage as a way to reduce the birth rate falls into the category of what is forbidden. Short and to the point. As if Shamir had read the convention and its articles, and decided to act according to what it forbade. (It would be a very good idea for Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu to read the full definition of the term “genocide” in that convention as well. He would definitely start squirming uncomfortably in his chair.)

And one more thing: According to Israeli law, the punishment for a crime that falls under the heading of genocide is death. But Mr. Shamir has no need to worry. The death penalty is no longer meted out in Israel’s courts, thank Heaven. Only outside them.

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