Palestinian academic Abdalhadi Alijla calls Israel’s military operations in Gaza genocide

The changing of goals of the Israeli operation and the hysterical statements by Israeli officials clearly show that the aim of the operation is not to create deterrence but to destroy the Palestinians in Gaza; humans, infrastructure and buildings. More than 1.800 Palestinian civilians were massacred while only three Israelis were killed. It is a genocide… Not only the UN backed Israel, but also the EU and the European countries. They have been lecturing the world about human rights, democracy, civil rights and other sweet and rosy concepts. However, they failed to condemn, at least officially, the Israeli attacks and the genocide that been committed in Gaza. Europe has failed the Palestinians as human beings, which have nothing to do with the holocaust, based on which Europe in general, and mainly the United Kingdom, have given away what they do not own, displacing the indigenous people.

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