We Charge Genocide: From Gaza to The Bronx by Lamont Lilly

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Such commonality reminds me of one particular and quite thought-provoking photo I saw posted on an Instagram thread.  It was a double framed shot that on one side depicted a 1930 public lynching of two Black men in Marion, Indiana.  As their lifeless bodies dangled in thin air, they were surrounded by “good white folk” smiling for the camera, enjoying their day’s kill of Strange Fruit.  The other half of the double-framed shot captured a small gathering of Israeli citizens seated comfortably on a hill.

As entertainment, they had gathered under a nighttime moonlight to watch Israeli airstrikes light up the Gaza skyline.  With beaming smiles and cheering hands, they were obviously enjoying the view of deadly bombs and destruction reigning on the backs of Palestinians from above.

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