Nakba Memoricide: Genocide Studies and the Zionist/israeli Genocide Of Palestine and other articles by Haifa Rashed, Dr. Damien Short, and Professor John Docker

In our view, taken together, the collections and books on genocide in Genocide Studies represent an archive of Nakba denial. Our concern is not so much that Israel is not classed as a case of genocide, but that it is never substantively discussed, even though there are good clear reasons for doing so… In Genocide Studies, international Zionism has achieved one of its most successful scholarly ideological victories. In its silent refusal to entertain substantive studies of the Nakba, without any self-reflexive discussion, Genocide Studies is on ethically dangerous ground. Because the field fears Zionist intimidation and ad hominem attack, it judges that a determined disinclination to pursue critical scrutiny of the Nakba as genocide serves its self-interest as a growing discipline. Genocide Studies is now on the edge of an ethical precipice, a crisis of intellectual bad faith, claiming to be making scholarly choices only, when those choices are subtended by political considerations. This essay calls for further research and discussion on this particular case study, which has thus far been sorely neglected in Genocide Studies.

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